5 U.S Destinations On Our Bucket List That You've Never Heard Of

5 US Destinations that you've never heard of

There are so many magical enchanted places all across the US. A lot of people living in the US often don't realize that they don't need to travel far to see something amazing. Sometimes, it can be a short weekend trip. These places are on our minds and we are definitely wanting to check them out. While visiting super popular destinations like Yellowstone or The Grand Canyon, we often find that national parks are extremely crowded, especially around this time of year. So, we enjoy discovering places that are not on everyone's radar, that way we can truly enjoy the beauty of nature without tripping over someones grandmother taking selfies. Actually one of our favorite smaller gems in Oregon is Umpqua Hot Springs. Check it out here.

As soon as we are finished with our van conversion, we will be able to adventure, discover and explore the many places across our continent. Here are the next 5 destinations that we really want to visit soon! 


Our first destination for our van adventure is Montana to visit some family. One of the first places we want to spend some time at is Flathead Lake. Glacier national park is most likely beautiful, but we wanted to visit this beautiful crystal clear lake first. A kayak like this one would be the most ideal to bring with us. We are hoping to invest in a kayak soon! A really interesting fact about this lake is that it is the largest natural  freshwater lake in the western US spanning about 28 miles long and 15 miles wide. Slightly bigger than Lake Tahoe. Never would have guessed that!


This place is absolutely insane. Cadillac's lined up coming out of the ground with graffiti sprayed all over? Sounds like a photographers dream! I learned about this place from a friend talking about it and I don't know why but it sounds so weird and interesting. Although its a man made destination, I truly believe that man made art pieces are just as amazing as earth made. This place along with visiting Marfa, Texas are on our list. We will hopefully be heading down there this fall. 


This place looks like somewhere you'd only see in the movies. I'm not sure why I am so fascinated with desert landscapes. Maybe its the beautiful colors, maybe its my pacific northwestern roots wanting to experience a different climate. There is just something about mountains of sand that just has me dreaming of all the photographic opportunities that await! It looks a little like the Bonneville Salt Flats when it comes to photograph ideas, but less salty and more sand-duney. I definitely want to play with color contrasting the neutral tones of the landscape.


Apparently to get to this place you have to get a permit to hike to it, and I guess its rugged and hard to get to. I'm up for the challenge because I imagine myself laying in this nice rock bowl and soaking up some sun like a lizard. We will probably visit this place later in the year when we are staying in our next winter home base in Arizona.


I'm not sure when we will make it here, but the name itself makes me so curious. Does it look like a lunar landing? I don't even know and I feel that the photos online don't do it justice. I really want to go here and pretend that I am on the moon, maybe even explore and meet some aliens on the way. Who knows!I just know that this place sounds mysterious, mystical, and like something I've never seen before.


Well, there you have it. Maybe you have heard of these places but i've only heard of them within the last year so I figured I would share. I am hoping we get to make it to all of these and get some fun photographs taken there. Do you know of any lesser known gems in the U.S? We'd love to discover more and add them to our list!

TravelLexi Smith