HANDMADE Travelers Notebooks FOR planners & MAKERS ON-THE-GO

For the last few months, we've been working with Flume Leather Co. on loads of fun collaborations. Like some unique product shots for his leather goods in Umpqua National Forest, This sweet Instagram promo video we created to showcase the handcraftyness, or when we decided to do a difficult night time photoshoot for their summer campaign Summer Nights Are Best In Black. We've got a final project with Flume to wrap up our collaboration. Although, this probably will not be the last time we work together. :)

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This project idea was created when we were discussing over Portland food cart food what type of leather goods we would like to have. This was before Cody and I sold everything we owned and bought our sprinter van. What would be a great leather goods item to have and represent what State of Mind is all about? Travelers Notebooks! We are travelers and always are searching for a way to document our trips, sketch, and plan our next adventure. So, we figured a place to keep multiple different notebooks in one nice carrying case with a sweet pocket to stash our memoirs from our trips would work perfectly. 

Also, it's pretty awesome we were able to get our logo stamped on the front and to be able to feature some amazing local Portland artists in their natural environment. Here are some words below from Flume Leather Co. going into more detail about these awesome notebooks. If you'd like to purchase one of these beauties right now, click here.

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"These notebooks were designed with the user in mind. Illustrating, painting, sketching, and any making or documenting is never stationary..so why should the maker be? That's why this collaborative project between Flume Leather Co. and State of Mind Studio is designed with both ethos in mind. Just how Flume Leather Co. encourages minimalist living and methodical use- the new journal covers encourage making in a mobile format to bring the user to where they make at their best. State of Mind Studio is always on the go, where these travelers notebooks are perfect for chasing the unknown on a daily basis. We've highlighted the works, and the mentality behind the works of three local artists that never cease to live against the current. Here are the words of Evelyn, Jamie, and Aaron on how location, travel and movement in nature has influence their work."


Designer - Water Colorist - Plant Fanatic

"When I was younger, I tried my hand at surfing on our cold and rugged Oregon Coast. Soon into this endeavor, I realized that my favorite thing about the hobby wasn’t riding the wave at all, but lying on my board, listening and watching the living, breathing body of water surrounding me. When I think back to those times, all I remember are moments of complete and utter peace, moments where everything chaotic and destructive in the world did not exist.

A dear mentor once told me that designers are documenters of the world. In doing so, we are active observers of the landscape, seeking to find and create meaning through the works of our hands. Thematically, my work emerges from a desire to recreate the peace I felt during those times in the water, suspending moments in time, and sharing them with a culture so desperately searching for peace. My desire for my work is for that peace to transcend the picture plane, bringing the viewer to a place of persevering hope."


Designer - Illustrator - Cold Brew Enthusiast

"I want travel to consistently fuel my work. Travel refreshes my environment and pulls me out of monotony and comfort. I enjoy documenting the worlds around me by drawing their landscapes, buildings, and houses. It’s not some brilliantly creative endeavor, but rather a literal way to appreciate the places I’m brought into through a medium that feels most natural to me.

I've loved the variety of styles of architecture. I can't say I have a favorite, but I hit my peak nerd moments when I get to draw teensy details like bricks or Scandinavian inspired moulding. I am on the lookout for a Frank Lloyd Wright house, that would be extra rad. I don't think I'll ever tire of this series. Every house is unique, and so is the sentiment behind them.

I started drawing houses after I had moved away from the only place I really called home, (Portland). I moved a lot as a kid, and also as an adult. But Portland is the first place I chose to move to, twice, and chose to put down roots in and call it my home. I started thinking a lot about what home means to people. I realized that for me, it was more about the people and the situations around an environment that made a place feel that way. I became fascinated by the houses that people grew up and the sentiments they attached to those structures. To the world, it’s only a house. But to the people who grew their lives in it, the stories and histories and milestones are so important. I loved the idea of documenting that and giving people handmade artwork to remember their home by. And so I started "This Home Series," and I've consistently been drawing homes for more than a year now."


Designer - Illustrator - Pretty Rad Drummer

"I’m from Oregon, specifically West Linn, which is a suburb just outside of Portland, and I think it’s affected my work a lot actually; the suburbs are kind of weird. Where I lived in particular there was like the typical, very manicured and kept suburban homes, but at the same time there was also a huge creek running through my neighborhood, and all these really wooded parks and the Willamette River just a short walk away. So you could feel like you were really in the middle of nowhere and removed from everything if you wanted, which I did a lot. And you would see kind of weird stuff in those natural areas, at least weirder and more chaotic than the very controlled environment of the suburban neighborhood, and I think that contrast did make an impression on me, and I can see that coming out in my work.

Nature actually plays a central role in my illustrations. Being from Oregon, I’ve always been around forests and mountains and all that, so I think on the one hand that imagery is just really deeply embedded in me, but also on a personal level I just find it to be very inspiring. Not so much the beauty of nature even, though that’s certainly a part of it, but more so the kind of mysterious or even scary aspects of it-like how dense a forest is, it’s really beautiful but also weirdly unsettling. I’m really drawn to that vibe and I think I try to channel it and unpack it through my illustrations."


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