So far we've been to a lot of different places all over Oregon and I wanted to give a rundown of our favorite hikes so far. There are so many different ones to go to, but we rated these hikes based on if there were too many people, the view, and how difficult it was. Go check them all out because pictures do not do it justice.


This one is located at Smith Rock. It's called misery ridge for a reason because its 3.8 miles and it gets scorching hot in the summer. It's a little on the challenging side, but after clumping up the stairs and switchbacks you reach the top and can hang out and chill up there, plus theres tons of things to climb on to try to get the best view. On a sunny day its perfect. I took a nap once we got up there while Cody was snapping some good shots. 


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Thor's well is a short hike on the coast. It is absolutely stunning once you get there. It's best to get there when the tide is low because you can walk out onto the rocks to see Thor's Well do its magic. When the waves come to shore, they come crashing through the well which makes it look like a crazy water well. Be careful though, never underestimate the power of the ocean, and never turn your back to it!


This one intrigued us because it looked so damn cool. We found out quickly that it was one of the most difficult hikes we have done in Oregon so far. It is steep, extremely dangerous, unmarked, and has no views until you reach the very top. We love being challenged so this hike was absolutely perfect for us. Im not gonna lie to you though, I did fall a couple times and was breathing pretty heavily because it was STRAIGHT UP. I kid you not. The view minus the vertigo was stunning. 


Cody and I did part of this hike last summer and the views are AMAZING you are literally hiking on the side of an active volcano. How freaking epic does that sound? This hike is serene and quiet. We only ran into a couple backpackers, but we pretty much had this whole trail to ourselves. It's a longer hike reaching 10.8 miles. We also got a little lost on the way back because it is part of the Pacific Crest Trail and there are plenty of different turns to take. 


This was one of our most recent hikes. This place is freaking magical. I cried when I saw it because of how beautiful it was. It looks like something from the elves land in Lord of The Rings. It's an easy hike until you get to this deck that overlooks the waterfall. You can't go any further, and to get a better view you have to jump the fence and climb down a steep sketchy muddy hill. This is what makes the hike that much more awesome. We love stuff like this and going off the trail to see a better view. Another great thing about this place is Umpqua Hot Springs is near by. Go for a hike, and then take a dip in the hotsprings after. You'll feel magical I promise.


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