*Portrait Photo by: Cornelius Martin

Mattie Krall is a love, adventure and lifestyle photographer based in Portland, Oregon. Her photos are dreamy and take you to a happy wonderful place. I've followed her for a while on instagram and admired her work  so much that I finally mustered up the courage to send her an email to participate on our blog series! I felt like I wanted to know more about her and having her interview with us was the best way to break the ice. 

What are you currently working on right now?

Its summer, so that means it's wedding season! You can find me traveling constantly to shoot during these months. I love it.

What do you like most about running a photography business?

Being my own Girl Boss!

What is something you have learned the hard way?

I've learned that I have to be very strict on what I can do for my clients, and how much I charge...otherwise your business won’t be sustainable. If they can't afford your prices, or don't like your photo packages, they just aren't the right client for you, and that's okay. You can't please everyone, and you have to look out for yourself.

Where do you find your inspiration and who/what inspires your work the most?

O my…this is a hard on because inspiration is everywhere...music, the 60’s & 70’s, natural textures & pattern, fashion, seasons, loneliness, love, light…I could go on & on.

Your photography is beautiful! How did you get started in the industry?

Thank you! I grew up watching my Grandfather photograph, and that's where my interest started. I would dress my friends up and photograph them in my parent's backyard, and that progressed to going to college for Visual and Public Art. I officially started photography as a career about 3 years ago.

What has been one of the most challenging things about being a freelance photographer?

There has been, and will continue to be many challenges, but mostly exciting ones! The hardest part for me this year is that with a quickly growing business there’s a lot of tax confusion, money tracking, licenses, paperwork, etc… the stuff that is zero fun about owning your own business that you just have to do. Haha.

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to start their own freelance photography career?

Push yourself, work your ass off, and don’t assume any job is too good for you.

How do you find clients, and what is the most challenging aspect about that?

I’ve lived in a few different parts of the country so word of mouth from that has been huge. Also, collaborating with brands, Instagram, and Facebook have all been influential. The hardest part of that for me is not letting myself get too wrapped up in the social media aspect. If you diligently post good work and connect with people it will pay off.

What do you feel like is your biggest accomplishment so far?

I can’t think of a specific accomplishment, it’s just more of a feeling. This year I’ve already shot more campaigns, worked with more brands, and shot more weddings than ever before and that feels pretty damn good!

What do you do when you are not creating, and running a business?

Indulging in brunch, thrifting around Portland, working out at the gym, hanging out at home with my boyfriend, drinking some wine, and outdoor-adventuring every chance I get.

How has travel and seeking adventure helped your business and brand?

Traveling has always been something I deeply desire to be a part of my life. I have made it a priority to keep moving, keep seeing, and to stay curious. I picked a career that would support that part of me. I think people can see that in my work, and they know the photos they receive from me are going to tell a story, and portray that adventurous spirit.

What is your absolute most favorite place to find inspiration?

The road.

We definitely feel so inspired by her work and her words of wisdom. She reminds me a little bit of myself which is why I admired her work so much! You can check out Mattie's work by clicking the links below!