Over the summer Cody and I had a video project located in Paradise, CA which means we wanted to get the most out of our trip and discover somewhere new, so we added Lake Tahoe to our itinerary.

We always drive everywhere because 1. It saves money, plane tickets are expensive. and 2. Road trips are seriously the best thing ever because you get to see so much more of the world, take detours along the way, and discover new exciting things. If you were in a plane you just skip over all the fun stuff and end up in a crowded air port. Anyways, on to the story. So we drove to Paradise, CA which was about 9 hours away from our home in Portland, OR. A few weeks prior to leaving we wanted to make this trip worth while and include some extra stops along the way. That extra stop being Lake Tahoe, CA which is 3 hours further than where we needed to go. We booked a campsite…which was impossible because apparently Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular places to camp in California. So booking a campsite is nearly impossible. But, I found one. I had no idea where it was or what it was like but I knew we didn’t want to stay at a camp resort. We crave the solitude of being outdoors so ideally we would have rather just found a spot in the forest and set up camp for free, but since we were in California I didn’t want to break any camping laws I didn’t know of.

We set off before the sun came up because the drive was 12 hours long, and we wanted to make it to the lake early enough to be able to see it when we drove into town! So we drove 12 whole hours, which is a lot in a small hot car. Especially in August. By the time we arrive to Lake Tahoe, we finally come up to a view point in Northern Lake Tahoe and holy shit, it is overwhelmingly BLUE and HUGE. I never realized how ginormous Lake Tahoe really was until seeing it in real life, which is how most of our trips usually go. Every trip we go on like this I always end up tearing up because I am a nature lover, and extremely emotional person. The beauty alone just gets me going. Now, at this time after driving 12+ hours we are ready to just jump in the lake. We are sweaty, hot, tired, and hungry for some smores. We decided that setting up our camp was the most important, so we found our campsite first (which by the way I highly recommend, we felt our camp site had the best spot on the lake, CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT)

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