5 Non-Techy Photo Tips To Make Your Images More Dynamic

One thing that Cody and I are great at is working together, and we believe that we work great together because we have opposite strengths and when we combine those skills magical things happen. I've always been the type of person that is much better at learning by doing. Vocabulary, math, technical things..they have always been much harder for me to grasp. That is why Cody is so great to work with because he is so good at all of those things that I lack in. It still takes me time to remember exactly which ISO setting to use, honestly I just use my good eye. 

Today, I'm going to share with you some non-technical photography tips that will make your images much more dynamic. These are things I have learned in the many years of being a photographer, and that you too, even with your iPhone camera can take stunning photos. You don't need a fancy DSLR for this, but if you do have one these tips also apply to you. At the end of this post I'll be introducing our newest project and give you a sneak peek of what's to come next. For now, lets go on about some basic skills that can be applied right away.


One thing a lot of people tend to do when taking photos is stand still, in one spot, in horizon mode. This can leave your photos looking a little bland, and we want to add some spice into them. The simplest way to spice it up is to move around everywhere, shoot from the side, above, below, over there, under here..just try new angles and positions. One thing I love doing is literally laying down on the ground, this is the best way to get some magical shots because you are letting your viewer see your perspective from somewhere they normally wouldn't have gone. Sometimes this means getting a bit dirty, but we are outdoor enthusiasts so dirt is our friend.


Instead of being camera trigger happy and taking millions of photos, use your eye to observe the situation around you. Ask yourself, why is this interesting? What about this is drawing my eye's attention? Is it the color of the flower? The pattern on the sidewalk? Once you stop and think for a moment, focus on highlighting what it is specifically that is drawing your eye to it. Also, when taking photos of other people pay attention to them before snapping a photo. Sometimes you might cut their foot off, or they might be making a funny face. If something distracts you from the actual photo, like an ugly beat up truck in the background, re position and cut it out before shooting. Sometimes I get upset at myself when I don't realize what's in the background.



Cody and I recently did a photo shoot for a friend at noon. Noon is probably one of the worst times to take portraits because the sun is directly on top of you, leaving weird dark shadows on faces. But, fear not..there is a solution! Head to the shade. The shade diffuses the harsh light and gives your photos a softer look. Another thing you can do is wait until golden hour. What is golden hour? Well, I think you can guess, but it's right after the sun rises, and right before the sun sets. The lighting during this time is to die for and your photos will look amazing. Indoors? Shoot near a window, and don't shoot with the light behind the subject, have the light from the window coming in to light up the subject itself. It's honestly all about observing what is happening around you. Don't be afraid to experiment..light can be pretty tricky. 

PS: If you need extra help with manual settings on your camera, check out this post and also click the image below to get our free manual photography cheat sheet!


A funny thing Cody and I have noticed when you take a photograph of someone else, is that they tend to freeze up and act unnatural, leading to an awkward photograph. Instead of focusing on shooting a specific subject, focus on shooting the moment! Try to capture those candid moments, because those definitely turn out the best. Tune into how a moment makes you feel, rather than arranging and composing. Although it's not a bad thing to arrange and compose, a quick way to make your photos dynamic is to go with the flow. A good example would be if you are hiking with friends, take a step back and watch everyone and see if anything makes you laugh or smile. Those moments are priceless. 


My number one tip for better photos is to shoot a lot of photos. Take your camera everywhere you go! To parties, camping, hiking, anything! Always take photos.Over time you will improve and figure out how train your good eye. Also..break the damn rules. Always break the rules! There are so many tips,and techniques, but sometimes being a rebel is the best way to learn and discover new things. Maybe you invent a new photography style? The possibilities are endless.


I hope this post was helpful and it will inspire you to get out there and take some amazing photos. There are a ton of other ways you can make your photographs more dynamic by using your good eye. Have you ever heard the term? It simply means to have a great observation. Are you feeling inspired and want to know more about different types of things you can observe to make your photographs WOW people? Then check out our ebook The Good Eye Guide It's jam packed with tips, inspiration, and tons of useful actionable steps you can take to advance your skill-set in photography.