4 Unique Ways To Improve Your Visuals and WOW Your Audience

If anybody can use a camera to take photograph, then everyone can become a photographer right? So why are some photographers famous, and some not? They have the same camera, the same lens, the same editing software.. why is it that they are not as great as the person who is highly sought after? A pro photographer that stands out among the rest possesses a special ability to see things in a different aspect. There is always something eye catching about their photographs that you can't really describe, but they definitely make you feel something.

At State of Mind we truly believe to stand out among the rest and be a great photographer, artist, videographer, designer, or any other kind of visual maker...  you have to have an eye for it.

But, wait right there..we believe that a "good eye" can be learned over time with the right tools.

Now what does it mean to have a "good eye"? Well, it means to be observant and to see details in the world around you that others normally wouldn't pay attention to.

Now, some people believe that you are born with it and maybe you are..but we think if you have a passion for it then you can train your eye to be more observant. Thus overall making you much better at photography, design, or any other type of art.

Today, to give you an insight on learning these skills I wanted to share with you 4 tips on how we learned to be a better photographer, be more observant, and make your photographs wow your audience. You can even use these tips even if you just take photos for fun. 

1.Impliment these non-techy tips into your photography

A few weeks ago we shared this post with some great tips on how to make your photographs more dynamic, without fiddling with those camera settings, or even owning a DSLR. (iPhone photographers can be just as good!) As much as it is helpful to know those technical settings on your camera, to have the lens, the lights, the tripod..there is more to photography than tech, it also has to come from within. What you as a photographer sees and how your perspective can be shared with the world. Trust us, your perspective matters and is different than everyone else's. Never feel like you can't take a photograph of something because someone else already did.


Sometimes photography is challenging because we tend to stick to what we know, but sometimes to get those stunning shots we have to think outside of the box. Sometimes that means laying on the ground getting a little dirty, sometimes it means improvising lighting equipment with flashlights when you don't have any expensive lighting equipment, sometimes it means to teach yourself photography with an iPhone. Always have an open mind to everything and never let you lack of not having the right lens, camera, or editing software hold you back from experimenting, creating, and learning.


The best way to teach yourself to "see" photographs is to put the camera down and start observing the world around you. This may mean documenting in a journal like this one right here! (PS: Win one of these by entering our giveaway. By signing up you'll receive two entries to win before we announce it to our instagram followers.) observing around you before taking 100's of photos of everything you possibly see, or even talking to another friend or photographer about a photo idea you may have. The best photographs sometimes are accidents, but to be a truly great photographer is to have a vision and to be able to recreate that vision into a photograph. This begins by documenting everything that interests you! What do you like about that angle? What do you like about gloomy rainy day photos? 

4. Focus on one visual element.

Learning some basic visual elements for example Pattern, can make your images extremely eye catching. Instead of shooting a bunch of photographs and hoping one of them turns out great, visually observing the world around you and noticing a simple visual element like pattern you will be able to "see" the photograph before you even take it. A good example would be noticing the pattern of an agave plant like the one shown below. Filling the frame with the pattern and emphasizing it can create an image with a real impact. More of these elements that you can focus on in your work will be shared in our digital guide book. More details below!

If you enjoyed these tips then you'll love the digital book 'Good Eye Guide' . This guide is packed with useful tips, inspiration, and interviews with professional photographers from Death To The Stock Photo to help you get excited and passionate about becoming a photographer or freshening up on your skills. The book is sans tech and will include 15 photo prompts to get you going on becoming a better photographer and honing in on the skills needed to make your photos more than just an ordinary photo.