10 Creative Ways To Document Your Next Adventure

I always find myself coming home from my adventures wishing I would have immersed myself in the experience more and practiced being more present and in the moment. Instead I was posting to instagram, Facebook and sending texts to friends about where I was. Now, this is definitely considered documenting your experience but its not in the way i'd like to really dive in. I want to come home from my travels and be able to re-live that moment, and get inspired.

I think taking time to enjoy where you are and document how it makes you feel, what you see, the smells you smell, the thoughts you come up with..all without checking social media will give yourself a chance to reflect and truly live in the moment. That's what we all want right? When were spending time on our travels, on vacation trying to get away from it all..its important to allow yourself to disconnect with the world and connect with yourself and the here and now. 

With that said, here are 10 creative ways that you can document your next adventure. This is perfect for someone that owns a business, writes a blog, or just the average adventurer that wants to get more out of life. These tips should give you the ability to have a lot to reflect back on once you return home.

And hopefully LOADS of inspiration for your next project or biz idea.

Take Photos

Well, this one is obvious but how about you take a different approach? The last adventure we went on I of course was going to take photos, but I wanted to do something completely different! So, I purchased an Instax Mini and decided to only take pictures with that. You could even purchase a disposable camera, I love doing that because you can take it anywhere, and you won't be worried about smashing it or dropping it in the ocean. Plus, you can take it to a 1 hour photo and get prints + a CD. One thing I like to do is wait about 6+ months and THEN get it developed. It definitely makes for a fun time going through all those photos I've never seen yet. 

Create a scrapbook

After you've taken Instax Mini photos, or used a disposable camera you can use them to create a scrapbook. You can either go crazy or just make a simple one in your sketchbook. Use stickers, gum wrappers, maps, anything! This is a great way to document your trips because you can have them out on your coffee table, or in your bookshelf for later viewing. Show all your friends and family when they come over. Having a tangible thing is always great.

Stop and sketch what you see

A cool mountain range? Instead of grabbing your phone, snapping a photo, and then never ever looking at it again because it will be stored on the cloud. Sit down with your sketchbook and draw what you see! You can make it abstract, you can make it a watercolor painting, you could even collage it with a glue stick and some leaves you found on the ground. This will give you more time to really soak in the beauty of it all. Check out these artists thoughts on adventure and travel to get inspired!

Reflect and write your thoughts

Got anything on your mind? What is this particular adventure bringing to your thoughts? Maybe you are going through a hard time, or maybe you've become inspired by whatever is going on. Taking time to write down ideas or thoughts can be beneficial to something when you return from your trip. Maybe you came up with a new idea for your business, maybe you finally figured out what to say to your boss when you quit. It's always good to have a place to take notes so that you can later refer back to them.



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Record a video

Do you have a go pro? Try to think of an interesting way to document your adventure. Being more specific about what you record can make it interesting.Try something new, maybe you ask your friends questions throughout your next hike, Maybe you want to experiment with different angles, or even make a documentary about your trip, or just grab some interesting shots of things you see. Then later when you get home you can upload them to instagram for all of your friends to see. 

Write a poem

I'm not much of a poem writer, but I've actually never really tried. Start by documenting your senses, what do you see, feel, hear, taste, touch. Write it down in your sketchbook, don't think too much or try too hard. Just do it! No one is here to judge you. This is your own personal experience.

Collect things

Maps to national parks are always pretty cool to collect. You could gather as many maps as possible and use some scissors to cut out places you really liked, and glue them right into your sketchbook. Found a cool leaf on the ground? Grab it and smash it right into the pages. One thing I like to do is gather a few things and stash them in the pocket of my travelers notebook! I can keep 3 sketchbooks in here and stash my goodies. That way everything is all in one place.

Make it a group effort

Are you traveling with friends? Make one big journal that each of you can pass around and document ideas, sketches, notes, and other things you find along the way. It could be a really fun way to get your friends involved. That way everyone is truly experiencing and immersing themselves in the adventure and spending less time on their phones.

Write interesting things down as they happen

This one is pretty simple. Did you just have the most interesting conversation around the campfire? When we went on an adventure with our Stay Wild crew, the campfire stories were some of the best i've ever heard. I began writing them down so we could reflect on them later. They were definitely hilarious and can inspire you down the road to create something great.

Become a Journalist

This is similar to the one above, but basically you would create an article about your trip. Documenting, asking others questions about what they thought about a certain aspect of it, writing a story. That way you can come home and write a whole blog post about what you did, what others said, the photos you took, and so on. Compile all of these things together and make one hell of an epic tale about your adventure.

Well, there you have it folks. Now go out there and immerse yourself in your adventures! Get off your phones and be creative.

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