lets roll pdx



Lets Roll PDX is a sushi/burrito inspired food cart located in Portland, Oregon - the capital of food carts. Our client needed an entire brand identity, custom menu designs, business cards, stickers, customer loyalty cards, social media profiles and a website to help them launch on March 24th, 2017. 

The most important thing we wanted to incorporate into the brand was a very friendly approachable design. Lets Roll is a food cart that cares about it's customers and giving back to the community. We also needed to create something that represented sushi, without designing a sushi roll as we didn't want to confuse customers thinking they sell sushi rolls. We took this design a literal route and made a fish burrito.

Our clients are fun, full of energy, and needed a brand to represent them as a team. 

The result? A fun, energized brand identity. The thick lines with rounded edges helped the design feel more loose and playful. Our clients also mentioned to us that if their brand was a person it would be a guy with a smile and two thumbs up. We felt like our design decisions represented the personality of our clients. With our detailed research process and questionnaire we were able to develop an idea that encompassed everything they were about.



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