Flume Leather co.

Brand video & photography.


We helped create a brand video that he could share on his website landing page. This video featured his story of creating the company in his garage. We helped Flume with brand photography. Working on individual photos for products for social media and the website. In summer 2016 we helped support Flumes campaign 'Summer Nights Are Best In Black' with photography. We also worked on a collaboration and developed a new product for Flume.


“Cody and Lexi’s combined talents brought an amazing composition together for my video. They also helped me build a product that is, to this date, the highest seller. They also helped me think of new content that I would have never thought of and were able to provide me with multiple unique visual stories for my business. Plus, the content produced makes Flume look really cool!"

-Luke Davais, Founder of Flume Leather Co.